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Cequent Pharmaceuticals to provide details of its scientific program at BIOCOM conference Cequent Pharmaceuticals, a pioneer in the development of novel products to provide RNAi-based treatments to prevent and treat human being disease, announced that Chief Executive Officer, Peter Parker, will provide details on Cequent’s planned release of its medical program and highlight strategy and development goals in a company update planned for 3 p.m finasteride 1 mg . On Tuesday, 27 October, 2009, at the 2009 2009 BIOCOM Investor Conference.

The potential improved sensitivity afforded by Nanotrap sample processing in saliva could enable safer, earlier and more accurate recognition and response during an outbreak.’ ‘The effective detection of Ebola, utilizing a noninvasive sample collection technique, such as for example saliva collection, coupled with a sensitive diagnostic test highly, all allowed by our Nanotrap particle technology, presents an extremely compelling solution for quick identification of infected people at a youthful stage of disease,’ says Emanuel Petricoin, codirector of the guts for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine at cofounder and Mason of Ceres.. Ceres to develop new way for detecting the presence of Ebola virus in saliva Ceres receives $430,000 in financing for Ebola test advancement program from the Expenses & Melinda Gates Foundation Ceres Nanosciences Inc.