TELUS health space.

The Canadian Diabetes Association is very happy to support TELUS Wellness Solutions’ launch of TELUS wellness space – a forward thinking new online consumer wellness support for Canadians and their health care providers. TELUS health space, powered by Microsoft HealthVault, will allow consumers to control their personal and family members health details through a secure online platform. Consumers will be able to access an array of value-added applications such as for example personal health records, tools for chronic disease management, resources for pediatric treatment including fitness and solutions wellness.OMEGA 3 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS. For a long period we’ve known that seafood is healthy, but American nutritionist Joseph Hibbeln, claims a fish diet plan can dramatically improve a state of mind, cure depression even. Mr Hibbeln, from the united states National Institutes of Wellness, says the Omega 3 fats in fish impact our mind-set by altering among our brain’s key chemical substance messengers, serotonin. Insufficient it is regarded as the reason for depression. His research are confirmed by analysis at Harvard Medical College. Deep sea seafood such as tuna, salmon and swordfish are 3 resources of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. SEROTONIN RICH Health supplements and FOODS. Other resources of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that really helps to improve our feeling of wellbeing, include: supplement D cod liver oil and sunshine, sunflower seeds, bananas, turkey, avocados, mangoes, broccoli, almonds, supplement B6 and the mineral magnesium.