This could have main implications for the advancement and testing of several future drugs.

One of the key parameters in that equation is usually K which defines the lipophilicity of the chemical substance. The higher the value of K, the quicker the predicted cell permeation rate. For over a century, medicinal chemists have utilized this relationship to shape their studies and medical trials. A team of electrochemists from the University of Warwick used a combined mix of a confocal microscope and an ultramicroelectrode to study what really happens when a chemical crosses a cell membrane.On the business side, we are focused on maximizing the potential reach of our item through partnering with other pharmaceutical companies,’ stated Igor Gonda, Aradigm’s President and CEO.

Arena Pharmaceuticals to provide Phase 3 BLOSSOM trial results at Obesity 2009 Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today that lorcaserin will be presented in multiple presentations at Obesity 2009, the 27th Annual Scientific Achieving of The Obesity Culture in Washington, DC. The line-up includes a late-breaking abstract oral demonstration of outcomes from BLOSSOM , a Stage 3 trial for which Arena reported positive, extremely significant top-line results in September.