Earlier this summer.

At least 25 trials lay claim to SMART, five are called HOPE, and six are known as CURE. There’s even one double-dipper, SMART-CURE. STUPID and RIDICULOUS remain up for grabs, though. Have we skipped any clinical trial names that are hilariously suitable ? Let us know in the comments!. Earlier this summer, the outcomes of the TORPEDO trial were released. And while we are very interested in whether or not “percutaneous interventions to remove thrombi in the popliteal, femoral, or iliac veins, when performed in conjunction with anticoagulant therapy is [sic] better than anticoagulant therapy only in preventing recurrent venous thromboembolism”, what we actually want to know can be: exactly why is it known as the TORPEDO study? In this case, it stands for “Thrombus Obliteration by Quick Percutaneous Endovenous Intervention in Deep Venous Occlusion”, and if you browse the database of scientific trials preserved by the US government, there’s a lot of other amusing acronyms to be enjoyed.Announced today a ten million dollar financing agreement with a European financial group. A firm commitment for the initial tranche of $1,950,000 reaches $.90 per tell the remainder of the financing to be priced at not less than $.90 per share. The pricing will be tied to the then market price when drawn down by the business. The financing shall be dedicated to scientific trials and regulatory approvals, to commercialization in European countries and North America prior, with Eastern European countries, Japan, Asia Latin and Pacific America following.