Aspartames neurological side effects include blurred vision.

Normally, these substances become transmitters, a substance allowing mind cells to connect with one another. However, these substances are so harmful that the body keeps them in low concentrations. Whatever alters or raises these substances can cause neurodegeneration, degeneration of the spinal cord and the brain. Excitotoxins are normally found in plant substances, and, where many people are concerned, in food additives. Among the the different parts of NutraSweet or aspartame is usually aspartic acid, a robust excitotoxin similar to glutamate.800-492-9537 Terry Pezzi Blessed with an enormous heart and a deep love for her fellow humans. Terry is a miracle employee who can educate you on not only about medicinal herbs, but probably even a little about yourself. 520-247-1700 Joy von Skepsgardh A true professional, with outstanding entrepreneurial skills. Joy seems to have unlimited energy and is quite effective at teaching others how exactly to be successful. 1-800-239-5859 Dr. Dave Eldredge 1-800-964-2371 Garren Fagaragan Garren can be an extremely kind, compassionate person who is highly knowledgeable about the Amazon Herb product line also. 520-940-0306 Jens Zimmerman +49 451 / 70 74 94 70 Wenty Hill A highly energetic, contagiously optimistic person.