Demand Bush Administration to treat failures on mad cow disease Carol Tucker Foreman.

‘CFA joins with this colleagues Customers Union and Public Citizen and with R-CALF to urge the Bush Administration to consider these basic, direct actions which will protect health and help restore public rely upon the integrity of the system: ‘ Direct USDA to withdraw the proposed BSE minimal-risk region guideline promulgated by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services . We also request that you maintain the current ban on beef and cattle from Canada to make sure that American individuals are not subjected to BSE. ‘ Direct the Division of Health insurance and Human Solutions and USDA to commission a study by the Institute of Medication of the National Academy of Sciences to fully assess the risks of importing cattle and beef from Canada in to the United States; ‘ Direct USDA to Identify all Canadian-born cattle that have been imported into the USA – approximately 450,000 animals – and track those pets so they are examined for BSE before they enter the food supply; ‘ Insist that Canada aggressively broaden its BSE testing program to establish on a scientific basis the actual prevalence of BSE in the complete Canadian cattle herd; and ‘ Immediate the Secretary of Agriculture to convene and seat a number of public hearings around america to solicit the sights of individual consumers and experts in public health on this topic.But they’re not really the only ones at risk. The CDC recommends that everyone in the U.S. Age range 13 to 65 end up being tested for HIV at least one time. Those at improved risk – such as for example those who have multiple sex partners or men who have sex with men – ought to be tested more frequently, at least one time a full year. In SC, 18-year-aged Quinandria Lee offers an example of the secure sex practices that CDC says more teenagers should adopt. Lee was discouraged at her school’s abstinence-only focus. She learned about both male and female condoms from the SC Contraceptive Campaign, and last year her principal allowed her to instruct her classmates about them. Condoms will be the just contraceptive that also drive back HIV infection. But Lee credits her mother’s frank talk about sex with this key protective step: Lee persuaded her boyfriend to go with her to a clinic where both got a clean costs of health before they ever endured sex.