By joining Partnership in Enterprise as an Enterprise Volunteer, you will have the chance to get involved inthe frontline of a cutting edge business in a developing country. You will have a say in how the business progresses and help out on the ground.


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Graduates and career breakers are joining enterprise projects in developing countries, becoming part of the great enterprise revolution sweeping the volunteer service sector worldwide. Volunteers from America and the United Kingdom are joining hands for Partnership in Enterprise.

You can join a scheme run by our partner Projects Abroad. Alternatively we will link you up with your commercial volunteer service organisation or introduce you to charity led volunteering projects including Peace Corps or Americorps in the United States of America and the VSO in the United Kingdom. Be part of the social enterprise revolution.

Become an Enterprise Volunteer

8 Responses to “Volunteer”

  1. Jack West from UK says:

    This is the way volunteering overseas should be going. For me, I feel that if I were to take part in any sort of volunteering work in third world countries, I would be keen to use the skills I have developed at school in a entrepreneurial business context – directly helping local entrepreneurs kick-start their ideas.

  2. Sanjar Oblokulov from Uzbekistan says:

    Greetings from Uzbekistan.I’d like to open Art& Language school in Uzbekistan,in Bukhara city.Bukhara is an ancient city, traditional city.
    Bukhara has a lot of traditional and ancient craft and art.So,Art & language school can learn foreigners any art,craft skills and Russian Language.
    Also,for local people English or other language.As i’m director of International Education Centre,i know that Learning English in UK or in the USA is not acceptable for everyone!So,why not to bring UK or USA Language teaching to Bukhara?I mean to invite Teacher or volunteer from English speaking country.
    Creating such a school is expensive,that’s why i hope to find any partner or support.

  3. Andrea Donald from Australia says:

    I love the idea of getting involved in actual businesses while I’m travelling.

  4. Sara Newman from UK says:

    Contributing to a project where you are helping set up the infrastructure for a sustainable business that you can then leave knowing it has a good chance of succeeding is just great! What an opportunity to develop your own skills, and those of others.

  5. Josh Simon from UK says:

    This is a great. I am loving that you can actually help set up a project. I’m graduating soon and this will be great for my CV.

  6. Siobhan from Ireland says:

    My friends I just found this website and think it’s a grand idea. It puts a different spin on volunteering abroad. We are looking forward to getting involved.

  7. nana nsiah mensah from ghana says:

    i just found this website and i really wanna join because i see it has a lot to offer students.

  8. build solar panel from says:

    Well written story.. will visit soon!!

  9. Anonymous from USA says:

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