Young global entrepreneurs are based in developing countries. These are spirited, enterprising young people who have reached out to Partnership in Enterprise for assistance to create their own businesses. To ensure they are successful, we have nurtured their ideas and linked them up with Enterprise Ambassadors and volunteers from the developed world.


Young people in developing countries are thirsty for knowledge and business skills which will allow them to create their own enterprises, either individually or as a collective. Not just business ‘experiments’ or short-term projects that last for a few months and then peter out, but businesses that find increasing success in competitive markets over years. Young people in developing countries have been starved of  business opportunity. Partnership in Enterprise redresses the balance. Each day in a little way we make things happen.

The Enterprises

1. India: Organic Farm

Vijaya Prakash has developed organic farms working in three villages in southern Tamil Nadu – namely Kilavankoil and Subramaniapuram near the foot of the Western Ghats and Naduvapatti out in the plains.  The farm has started to sell organic produce in different parts of the world. With further development and marketing assistance it will increase it’s distribution network.





2. Ghana: Football Academy

Richard Brown is helping his talented players gain professional contracts at football clubs with his Cantonments Football Academy, located in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. The club caters for local boys aged six to seventeen, providing age-specific coaching and competitive league matches throughout.  This club truly offers a unique playing experience, including professional European coaching methods combined with a lively and caring Ghanaian family atmosphere.  You can see his players at





3. Peru: Production of Tropical Flowers

Daniel Alvarado raised a tiny amount of capital to plant his first 100 square metres of land.  Now he is producing tropical flowers for sale in Lima and eventually for overseas markets.






4. Mexico: School for Rock Music

This enterprise is bringing rock music into mainstream education. Jonatan’s band, Nightstorm, is successful in Mexico and is on the road towards securing a recording deal. Jonatan has been teaching young students different instruments and styles of rock music at his school. He hopes to develop the school, so that it follows a more established rock school model of examinations and grading’s for rock music. The next step is creating a website to help promote the school and band.