Partnership in Enterprise is dedicated to promoting links between Entrepreneurs and volunteers in developed countries and enteprising young global entrepreneurs in developing countries. We will keep you informed of all positive steps along the way in our quest to allow young people worldwide to develop the entrepreneurial skills to help themselves.

Wheeler to judge Partnership in Enterprise Competition

The newly appointed Judge of Partnership in Enterprise’s competition is the Sunday Times Corporate Entrepreneurship Challenge Judge and Founder of Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts, Nick Wheeler. Wheeler is leading a delegation to Ghana to visit some new enterprises in October 2009 in advance of Global Entrepreneurship Week in November. “Promoting enterprise to the third world is the greatest solution to world poverty,” says Wheeler. Dragon Peter Jones has been approached to join the delegation, Wheeler is working with Jones on his National Skills Academy for Enterprise project in the UK. Other delegates invited include Director-General of the CBI Richard Lambert. At the inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Week event in November 2008, young Ghaninian entrepreneur Richard Brown, spoke via video message to the delegates including Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Business Secretary Lord Peter Mandelson. “No more video messages this year,” says Dr. Slowe, Founder of Partnership in Enterprise. “This time we we want to take the Mountain to Mohammad.” The winners will receive a Virgin Atlantic flight and Top Shop vouchers.

Date posted: June 30, 2009

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